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Our history

INTELLIGENT NETWORKING SRL was established in the 90s, in the city of Santa Cruz. The entrepreneurs of this project came from other companies related to the telecommunications and computing category.


We are Innovation

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Technical staff

Our technical staff acquired knowledge to belong to different global organizations that officially certified INET SRL to provide a service according to the requirements.



During the first decade of the XXI century, the company started a new evolutionary cycle, a product of the technological boom at the level of telecommunications in the region, which provided the basis for the path followed to date and which allowed INET SRL to establish itself with a strong presence as an Integrator of Solutions for telecommunications in the main Operators and Service Providers of Voice, Data and Video. 


Corporate agreements

Representation agreements were signed with manufacturers recognized as leaders in their fields, such as Alcatel Lucent, Tyco Electronics (TE Connectivity), Sun Microsystems, Acme Packets, Zoom Technologies, Airspan Networks, Redback Networks, Allot, Bluecoat, and others that, due to their great importance, formed and still form part of the portfolio of INET SRL solutions.



Our company is proud to continue representing several of the aforementioned manufacturers, which in some cases have merged to become more competitive, with the same impetus that pushes us to continue improving ourselves.

We have become part of big manufacturers and global integrators in the provision of state-of-the-art technologies for voice, data, and digital video.


The provision, implementation, and integration success of many different voice, data, and video service platforms for fixed and mobile network operators, in the 21 years of existence of INET SRL, endorse our site market share in our region.

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